Mold for retaining wall blocks
Mold for production of prefabricated retaining wall blocks with dimensions (2400x600x600 [mm]) are widely used in construction. They are used for the construction of halls, boxes, retaining walls, embankment walls, bulkhead walls, entanglements or composts. The form is made of steel construction with three side panels and one opening side panel. The mould side-openin system is blocked by threaded BETOMAX bolts. Mould equipped with an NBR wedge seal at the folding points to eliminate pour out and a 10x10 triangle chamfer at the top of the mold. The surface of the structure is protected with blue “RAL 5012” paint, ensuring protection against corrosion and long-term use in natural conditions. On the other hand, the handle and the collar of the pipe forming the transport hole are yellow. The hole is formed by the use of a conical forming pipe, mounted to the mold with formwork bolts, tightness maintained through a rubber O-ring. The mould in the upper part has transport holes, designed for quick assembly of chain slings in order to transport the mould to another place.
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