Railway platform slab production line

The line is designed for the industrial production of railway platform slabs with dimensions of 2000 x 995 x 100 (L x W x H) in a gray or cherry color, which in the upper part has a non-slip surface, a belt perceptible by the blind and white or yellow stripes – marking danger zone. The total length of the production line is 30m, which includes devices such as:
– molds for platform slabs,
– Driving on the rails conrete conveyor with 1.5 m3 tank
– VB250 vibrating table,
– manipulator with MPP-01 gripper,
– slab demolding table,
– Vacuum turntable for slabs,
– Table with chain conveyor (painting process)

1. Molds for platform slabs
A characteristic feature of the molds for the production of prefabricated platform slabs is their versatility, durability and quality. The form is made of a steel structure with four tilt sides and holes for RD lifting anchors. Such an execution ensures high stiffness, strength and comfort of being unmold in the further process. The form’s side wall tilting system is blocked by side locks.

2. Concrete conveyor with 1.5 m3 tank

The conveyor system, has a large, universal charging hopper (1.5 m3 of concrete), an electro-vibrator on the chamber wall and hydraulic discharge flaps, which allow for dosing the mass of concrete on the conveyor belt – (work front and back) to the place designated by the operator. The design of the system allows the move (right and left) (range 1500mm) in relation to the (vibrating table / mold), enabling the complete filling of the mold. The device is made entirely of high-quality sheet metal, profiles and vulcanized high-quality conveyor rubber. The conveyor belt has adjustable tension and two driving directions. This solution allows for precise, quick and reliable unloading, full control over the course of the machine’s work and easy cleaning. The conveyor system is equipped with electric limit switches to prevent reaching min. or max. positions of the moving elements. The control is via a “wireless remote control”.

The operation of the concrete conveyor system is based on the principles of commonly used belt conveyors. The principle of operation of the concrete conveyor is based on transporting the material (concrete mix) that was previously poured into the tank and transport it into the mold.

3. VB 250 vibrating table
The vibrating table designed to vibrate concrete products at the mold section for the production of platform slabs. Construction of the vibrating table and its subassemblies, allow to vibrate elements with total weight not exceeding 2.5 T. The form of a platform slab is placed on the table, which is then interlocked by actuators located in the table and then the process of concrete filling and vibration takes place. The vibrating table is made of steel sections on a cross frame. Equipped with pneumatic components that set the mold level and hydraulic cylinders (bolts) to lock the mold on the table. After the end of the cycle, the mold is automatically automatically taken by the “Manipulator” and set to the suitable chamber.

4. Manipulator with a gripper for transporting molds
The MPP-01 manipulator is designed for transporting platform slab forms in the production line. Its task is to take the mold from the “VB250 vibrating table” and transport it to the appropriate ripening chambers. Manipulator equipped with a winch – lowered frame, catching the form and transporting it to the appropriate chamber. It moves along a track located approx. 4 m above the floor, lifting the form on steel strands to a height of approx. 3.6 m. The ride takes place on steel running wheels in a straight line in the upper part of the building. The manipulator control is a fully automatic element.

5. Slab demolding table
The table is used for demolding the molds of prefabricated platform slabs on the Technological Line. The table is made of closed profiles and the reinforced frame. Table frame is equipped with centering pins for supported molds. The feet of the structure have been tucked to the “inside” to ensure safe operation by operators. The table is the last elemnt supported by the MPP-01 Manipulator. It is located behind the ripening chambers and the place where clean forms are stored.

6. Vacuum turntable for slabs
The turntable with a vacuum gripper is located between the “demolding table” and the “chain conveyor”. It is intended for the picking up the prefabricated element then turning it and positioning it on the chain conveyor.
The turntable construction is made of steel profiles, C-profiles and closed profiles. Rotation of the product by 180º takes place by means of a hydraulic cylinder through a special system of tendons. The gripping element is the special construction of the arm with the vacuum cushion system. Additionally, the arm is equipped with an adjustment of a slight change in the angle of inclination in relation to the prefabricated element. This solution will eliminate any possible unevenness – correct suction of the platform slab to the vacuum cushions. The turntable has been electronically secured against exceeding the target position. The entire structure was anchored to the floor, and the anchoring feet were directed to the inside in order to increase the safe zone for the operator.

7. Chain conveyor – painting station
The chain conveyor is the last element of the line for production of platform slabs. It is located behind the “Vacuum turntable” and its task is to colect the “rotated” platform slab then with the help of a chain, queuing up to 4 pieces of slabs for painting and collecting them to the warehouse.
The chain coveyor table constuction is made of steel profiles, C-profiles and closed profiles. All elements are connected together by welding. The table is equipped with a hydraulic motor, gears and a chain for moving prefabricated slabs. The table construction is based on 3 rows of legs with additional reinforcements. The table travel has been electronically secured with additional sensors detecting the presence of the slabs, preventing the product from falling off the table. The operation of the “chain conveyor” is fully automatic. The entire cosntruction was anchored to the floor, and the anchoring feet were directed to the interior in order to increase the safe zone for the operator while performing appropriate technological activities.

The entire production process is controlled by operator panels equipped with the advanced programming panels. Each of the two desktops interconnected with each other is equipped with easy-to-read switches and color-touch LCD screens for effective management of the technological process of platform slabs production.

The automated process of “put” and “receiving” forms by the manipulator takes place thanks to programmed special functions / recipes.

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