Concrete mixing plants
The concrete batching plant is designed for the production of concrete mass of various brands with a consistency from liquid to densely plastic, set on previously prepared foundations, adapted to work in positive and winter temperatures. Its production process consists in mixing the ingredients: aggregate, cement, chemical additives, water in strictly defined proportions. The node is equipped with an aggregate silo (3 chambers of 20 m3 each), with two drain flaps for one chamber, additionally with an electro-vibrator installed on the sand chamber. The silos are covered with a hard-wearing layer on the inside, with the possibility of covering the chambers with lowered trapezoidal sheet flaps. The node is equipped with a self-unloading weight of aggregates with a width of 800 mm, equipped with 4 strain gauges, the unloading time of the transported material is 23 seconds for a maximum load of 5 T. Welded transport belt made of EP630 belt, equipped with a rubber drum, motoreducer and tensioners. In the operator's room, there is a power supply and control cabinet with device modules to control the node. The controlling function is a computer equipped with software with entered recipes for individual types of concrete.
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