Transport platform
Platform - an internal transport trolley, used to transport precast concrete elements from the production hall to the finished materials warehouse. The platform is made entirely of steel construction, and its floor, 6000mm long and 2600mm wide, was lined with impregnated wood with a permissible load of 25T. The platform does not have its own drive, in order to be able to move it, the adjustable drawbar must be coupled with another source of drive, e.g. a forklift. The detachable drawbar allows you to quickly change the direction of travel of the trolley, without having to turn the whole set. The platform is equipped with 4 hydraulic cylinders, powered by a hydraulic unit located on the side of the platform. Thanks to this solution, the entire structure lifts up by 100 mm, ensuring trouble-free loading / unloading. Special cast wheels of the trolley enable the transfer of heavy loads, and their design allows the wheels to turn by 45º.
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